The Galapagos Islands are on the equator at 1000 km. (600 miles) west of the Ecuadorian coast and was given its territory as the Galapagos National Park since 1959.

Undoubtedly the Galapagos National Park is a living museum, has 13 main islands and islets and many smaller islands that are uninhabited by humans. Galapagos is characterized by its white sand beaches, cactus forests, land and marine iguanas, we find a great reserve of giant tortoises, more than 400 species of fish and colorful birds like flamingos, frigates, finches, gulls, ter real pin, cormorant (birds that despite having wings can not fly), blue-legged and red-legged boobies, penguins, frigates, albatrosses, pelicans; adventurers in the world living experiences on land and at sea, because at the bottom of the beautiful crystalline turquoise waters and there are large shoals of colorful fish varieties unsuspected, its marine reserve is diverse.

Its marine reserve that, as the archipelago was declared by Unesco "Natural Heritage of Humanity" in 1986 and 1978 respectively. It is one of the seven most important of the world for scuba diving surface and depth. In diving, visitors can enjoy the company of whales, Mantaraya, swordfish, sea turtles, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, and other impressive species.




Hacienda Los Manteles

Location: La Hacienda Los Manteles is located 3 hours from Quito 5 hours and 30 minutes. the city of Guayaquil. We are exactly 21 km. the city of Baños (by the way Ecological Tourism) and 11 km. the town of Patate. The house is located in the valley known by the same name of the Treasury and is surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes.
At the rear of the house are more than 200 acres of cloud forest, where they can make hikes. This forest is protected by the owners of Finance Los Manteles and is part of the buffer zone Llanganati National Park - where legend has it that the treasure was hidden Inca Atahualpa.
Due to the location of Finance Los Manteles have extensive green spaces and gardens from which you can see spectacular scenery, especially the Tungurahua Volcano.

Temperature: During the day temperature varies between 15 and 25 degrees C at night varies between 10 and 15 degrees C.

Food: The food of Finance Los Manteles is done at home and is characterized by its good taste and quality. In preparing our delicious dishes using organic products whenever possible.
We work with fixed menus, which include the same entry / soup, strong dish, dessert, aromatic water, tea and coffee. You can decide the menu for its passengers who want a week in advance, in this way we ensure that the dishes are not repeated during the tour that you organized.

Sustainable Tourism: In the past year we have worked very hard in implementing the Good Practices for Sustainable Tourism, gaining recognition as our effort certification Smart Voyager. Every day we work for a better planet and society-friendly environment.



The route is to arrive:
By air: Quito - Shell or Macas - Miasal. 25-minute ride.
By land: Quito - Shell - Macas - Puerto Morona - Miasal (river).

Located southeast of the Morona Santiago province, within the tropical rain forest and with a temperature of 22 º C to 30 º C, will share the peace that it characterizes the jungle, the flavor and enjoyment of nature conveyed through the sounds of blowing wind from the river, the singing of birds and the whisper of frogs.

The area is populated by a great diversity of species of animals of different sizes and characteristics as the tapir, Guatuso, parrot, ocelot and more.


Belongs to the main living area of tropical rain forest an ecosystem that is highly productive and stable. In this ecosystem can find primary and secondary forests. The people of the communities are using it to cultivate their farms where his products for daily consumption. There are different ways of using this ecosystem as farms, secondary forest, and primary forests.


in the jungle of Miasal this area populated by a great diversity of species of animals of different sizes and characteristics such as: tapir, Guatuso, parrots, ocelot, and many more.


It is a hostel which has a privileged location in Isabela, along with the impressive beach of Puerto Villamil and off the blue and crystalline waters of Galapagos.

The Cormorant has a capacity up to 10 people in double, triple and marriage. Each room has a private bathroom with hot water, air conditioning, television and minirefrigerador; also has a small dining room with kitchen for visitors who prefer to prepare their own food.

CORMORANT BEACH HOUSEIt is a project of sustainable tourism, which in different ways supports the preservation of medio.Para minimize the impact caused by tourism use biodegradable organic products and chemicals and are affiliated with Rainforest Alliance where we prepare to make sustainable tourism, sustainable and altissima quality of visitor satisfaction.

We are located in:
Country: Ecuador
Isla:Isabela - Pto. Villamil
Phone: 2529200 / 2529192
Mobil: 097976664

Operating Permits

Sierra Negra for the safety of their customers makes them provisions of its updated operating permits.