Puerto Villamil is the head of the cantonal Canton Isabela, the island is the largest of the Galapagos archipelago, has an approximate area of 4588 km2, occupies 60% of the entire island province.

Over the past few years our city has experienced an urban development without harming the natural environment, its streets are sand and used materials from the island to perform the tasks that have enriched the city.


How to get to Isabela from Continental Ecuador? What can be done by the Baltra Island in the company TAME and others that have daily flights there and tackle the plane in 30 minutes of pleasant flight will arrive to Isabela; Otherwise, it will move to Puerto Ayora from where it will take a boat quickly and enjoy a pleasant trip that lasts from 3 to 4 hours of navigation.

The Isabela Island is formed by 5 volcanic enormous boilers and is one of the youngest in the world, with a length of less than one million years. It is in full swing and there are volcanic eruptions from time to time. To the south of the island there are the most rich beaches Galapagos and a system of lagoons and mangroves that remain the main colonies of water birds.

Puerto Villamil is the main town site of the island, is located south of the island against a wide white sand beach. Upon arriving at the first impression Villamil Visitor is the turquoise blue water, coconut palms and sandy streets. There is a population of about 1700 people living on fishing and growing tourism.

The magic of Isabela and its various landscapes are to live and own visitors spectacular scenery. Only at a distance of 30 km. from the beach to the summit of Sierra Negra volcano is passed by the following sites:

Gaps and mangroves
Dry forest
Fields of lava
Transition Area
Moist forest zone
Area Pampa